Access Control System

We offer highly secured access control system which is easy to install and maintenance free. Access control system determines who, where and when is allowed to enter or exit.

The safety and security of your employees and allowing authorized visitors to the facility is critical from the security point of view & cannot be taken lightly. The system allows to control who can enter the facility or certain areas of building. These door security systems allow administrators to track their employees’/authorized visitors activities and help monitor the overall safety of their premise. Wide range of access control system for High rise Business Towers, residential & commercial towers, hotels, hospitals, IT parks, factories, colleges, laboratories and other important facilities to create safe and secure work environment. Using the fingerprint, RFID tags, facial detection devices and access control panel, it prevents unauthorized access flawlessly and provides a prevention method for any incidents from taking place.

Various systems are

(a) Biometric Access Control

(b) Proximity Access Control

(c) Door Access Control

(d) Fingerprint Biometric Readers

(e) Wireless security with smart lock access.